Train hard, play hard!

See the wonders of Canberra after training

Australian Institute of Sport

Known as the AIS, it boasts some of the most modern sports science and impressive training facilities in the world. Australia is a huge sporting Nation and much of our governments budget is directed towards developing future Olympians. Take a tour through this marvel and see the world best sporting stars preparing for world events. To quote Nakamura Sensei: 'the AIS is the best facility I have ever seen'.

War Memorial and Museum

Regarded as the best museum in the world, covering not just Australian but all conflicts. This impressive structure contains the very moving tomb of the unknown soldier, something you have to see to believe. The Museum itself has items you would never think you would see, including the full size Japanese Submarine that attacked Sydney. The museum is extremely interactive and the entire complex is free to enter and visit.

Segway around the Lake

Canberra is a completely planned city and the man made Lake Burley Griffin is the central cornerstone of the beautiful place. Clean waters, stunning scenery and Australian nature are all yours to see as you glide around the entire Lake on a guided Segway tour. Learn how to ride one of these fun and easy to drive machines before visiting the Lake, parks and more for some free time putting your new skills to the test. A great afternoon out.


Questacon is Australia's National science museum and headquarters. Their aim is to make science fun and interactive for people of all ages. As you navigate the many stories of this incredible building, you will be subjected to earthquake machines, the free fall, caged lightning, robots and much, much more. Extremely enjoyable for all ages.

National Zoo & Aquarium

Not just any ordinary Zoo, the National Zoo and Aquarium can show you many of the world's rarest animals, including Australia's cute and cuddliest animals. This Zoo goes one step further with options for you to get up close and personal with some of the worlds most impressive beasts. Walk a cheetah, feed a tiger or share honey with a grizzly bear.

National Museum of Australia

Experience the culture and heritage of the wonder that is Australia. From the Aboriginal 'dream time', becoming a British colony, establishing federation and of course the influence of great Australian icons such as Crocodile Dundee. Learn the history of this ancient land and learn about one of the world's youngest countries at the same time.