G'day, welcome to Australia

Invitation From Sensei Joe Roses

Australian Chief Instructor

On behalf of all member of the Australian Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate-do Federation (AOGKF), it is my great pleasure to warmly welcome you all to our fantastic country. 

Australia is know around the globe as 'the lucky country'. From breathtaking scenery, more rare animals than anywhere else on earth, an abundance of beautiful cities, natural wonders of the world and of course the best beaches, food and drink on the planet.


I would like to invite all IOGKF members to this historic event as our International federation begins a new age of Gasshuku events and a new approach towards friendly competition between nations. This will be the first ever IOGKF World event without the presence of Higaonna Sensei and our Chief Instructor, Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, will teach the entire globe as the lead instructor for the very first time.

We have a fantastic organisational team who have already put many hours of hard work into this event over the last three years. They are headed by our IOGKF 2021 World Events manager, Sensei David Lambert. Many of you already know DJ and like me you know there is no one more experienced to organise such a large scale event. If we can do anything to assist your visit please contact him.

Since before the foundation of IOGKF in 1979, I have been traveling to countries around the world for Higaonna Sensei's Karate and I have experienced the wonderful cultures of Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America and South America. Now it's my turn to roll out the welcome mat for you. I hope you will join us in Canberra in 2021 for this historical and memorable event in the ultimate destination country - AUSTRALIA.

Joe Roses

IOGKF World Event Host

Australian Chief Instructor