the ultimate IOGKF Tournament

Protecting Traditional Karate

With the introduction of Karate into the Olympic games in 2020, there is a that fear sport Karate will soon be seen as the true form or art over traditional Karate. The goal of this tournament is to find the best traditional performances of Goju-ryu Kata as taught in the IOGKF to showcase traditional Karate at it's best & in a competition form to the world. Changes in timing, technique and building of suspense, commonly seen in a sports tournament, will not succeed in 2021, as the winners will be judged on their ability to perform the Kata exactly to the instructions passed onto our country chief instructors by Grand Master Morio Higaonna.

A new kind of tournament

The Tournament

IOGKF International abandoned it's world championships many years ago due to the negative feelings kumite left between competitors. This new style of tournament has reinvented Kata only competitions & will be the benchmark for the future of IOGKF World Championships, which will be held periodically every 4 years around the globe. 

All Kata competition

(TBC) Enter the division for your grade. Each round a new Kata (up to your level) is randomly selected by computer for competitors to perform. You will need to finish in the top percentage of each each round group to progress until we have the ultimate IOGKF World All Kata Champion. You can only prepare by practing everything.

Grade Kata Competition

(TBC) Enter the category specific to your grade and perform the Kata for the that particular level. Be scored against competitors at the same level as we attempt to find the best of each particular grade. This includes Kyu grades and children also. IOGKF members will be able to prepare for this competition by practicing their specific Kata.

Team Kata

(TBC) The team Kata competition will feature one male and female Black Belt and Kyu grade team of 3 people from each country. The rule book for the IOGKF World Kata Championships will reveal the marking criteria for this event and competition. Your country chief will select your team.

IOGKF Country Championship

(TBC) An IOGKF Country Champions trophy will be up for grabs for one organisation to take back to their country for the next four years. The country organisation that wins the most Gold medals over all categories will be crowned the IOGKF country world champions for 2021-2025.

Be courageous

(TBC) Having the confidence to participate in an event such as this can be difficult, especially for children. The theme of this event is Australia's iconic mateship. For showing good sportsmanship and trying your best, you will be awarded the 'be courageous' participation medal for your efforts.



The Tournament Rule book will be released in February of 2019 following review for the IOGKF EC


The person officiating the Tournament will be IOGKF Chief Referee: Sensei Ernie Molyneux


Black Belt Officials will be ranked 6th Dan and above and be from various countries on each ring.