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Visit this page to see all the latest news in regards to the preparation, organisation and running of this world class event. Join us on the journey to the biggest IOGKF event outside of Okinawa. 

Events team promotes world Gasshuku & Tournament at MCF 2018

This event has attracted a lot of IOGKF members

At 2018 IOGKF Miyagi Chojun Festival (MCF), two senior members from the IOGKF World Gasshuku & Tournament's organising committee were present to promote the event. IOGKF Australian (AOGKF) Chief Instructor, Sensei Joe Roses and Australian senior instructor, Sensei David Lambert, both taught at this years festival at the invitation of Nakamura Sensei. The two spent plenty of time speaking to IOGKF members from North America, South America and Europe regarding participating in the 2021 events. 

from all over North & South America

On the first day of the MCF, Sensei Lambert gave a short speech to all participants about just how special this event will be, as it will be the first time Nakamura Sensei leads a world event on his own without the presence of Higaonna Sensei and that Australia was really the 'final frontier' when it came to IOGKF International events as no huge major events have been held their recently. Sensei Joe also commented that with so many unique tourist options Australia was really the dream destination to have such a tournament and Gasshuku. Over 250 people expressed interest in coming to Australia in October 2021.

Organising committee meet with Japanese embassy Minister

Meeting with the Cultural Affairs Minister

On Friday June 22nd, 2018, members of the 2021 IOGKF World Events organising committee visited the Japanese embassy. Sensei Joe Roses (Australian chief instructor), Sensei Kevin Nash (AOGKF chairman), Sensei David Lambert (IOGKF World events manager) and Mr. James Fletcher met with Australian Japanese embassy minster Tadayuki Miyashita to discuss how AOGKF and IOGKF would spread Japanese culture in Australia and how the World Gasshuku and World Tournament would contribute to this.

At the Australian Japanese Embassy

The minister and his team were very interested to learn about the legacy of Higaonna Sensei, Nakamura Sensei and the IOGKF. They were also very interested in the differences between sport and traditional Karate. The meeting was a great success and foundation of great friendship between AOGKF and the embassy was established. The minister is planning to visit AOGKF Honbu Dojo in the near future to view an IOGKF training session to be conducted by Sensei Joe Roses. Nakamura Sensei prepared a letter for the minister which was well received and further established the scale of IOGKF worldwide.


World Class Venues

Due to the massive surge of interest in regards to this event, AOGKF recently applied and was successful in securing one of the most impressive venues in Australia. Within the world renowned Australian Institute of sport the largest and most impressive venue is the AIS Arena. An enormous facility that can stand over 900 people before seating a further 4,200 people. This venue is extremely prestigious and is usually reserved for world class music star concerts, broadway musicals and major National and International sporting events. 

Ready for IOGKF members

AOGKF has recently been able to secure this venue for AOGKF members, which includes a timber floor for training, plenty of seating for spectators, a great cafe, general shop facilities, 3,500 car parking spaces, gift shop, personal belongings and bag storage room and more. The significance of securing this venue is enormous. Many organisations apply and many do not qualify to utilise these famous facilities. The scale, importance and International Interest of this event have enabled IOGKF members to have the best while they are in Australia.