Aussies know how to Party

Memorable Social events

Welcome Party

Join us at the official Gasshuku hotel for a drinks and finger food as Nakamura Sensei officially opens the event at the official Gasshuku hotel in central Canberra. This event will feature Australian cultural performances to welcome travelers.

Memories of Yoyogi Dojo

Join us in a privately booked Aussie pub, just minutes from the Gasshuku hotel for this special event. After more than 50 years, Sensei Kazuo Terauchi will talk about his time at Yoyogi Dojo with Higaonna Sensei. English translations will be made by Sensei Joe Tait.

IOGKF Quiz Night

Fancy a little extra competition away from the tournament? Put your team of 10 people together and battle it out against others as we aim to find the 'most knowledgeable' people in IOGKF. No phones, plenty to drink, loads of prizes! 

Gasshuku gone by

Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Roy Flatt have been traveling to events with Higaonna Sensei for over 45 years. Having attended 30 + European Gasshuku, MCF, Japan, African and Budosai events. They have countless side splitting stories they will finally share with us.

Sayonara Party

The Sayonara Party will be at an extremely special Canberra location. So  special in fact we cannot yet reveal the location until closer to the event. Live DJ's, performers and entertainers will be on hand as we celebrate and dance the night away.

Aussie BBQ

It wouldn't be Australia if we didn't roll out the 'barbie' for our guests. Join us as part of the Martial arts spectacular show and try out a real 'snag' from an authentic Aussie BBQ. Enjoy a 'sausage sizzle' while you enjoy the show.