A new era of iogkf gasshuku

The Worlds Best GASSHUKU

The World's Best Instructors

The IOGKF World Gasshuku with feature the best instructors from all over the world. It would be extremely rare to find an IOGKF member who has been able to train with every instructor listed on this event. Learn from your favourite & new world class Sensei.

The World's Best Planning

Unlike other Gasshuku around the world, every single training session has been planned and will be advertised closer to the event. This means you can see what you will be learning and from which Sensei. We will ensure the entire curriculum in covered.

World's Best Specialty Seminars

Morning Black Belt and Kyu grade sessions will commence with specialty seminars conducted by the most senior instructors in IOGKF. This includes a special 4th Dan & above seminar on Suparimpei by Nakamura Sensei - never before taught anywhere.

The world's best extras

Martial arts Spectacular

IOGKF's most senior Sensei's and all styles guests will demonstrate their skills in a 90 minute martial arts spectacular that is open to the public and for viewing free of charge. We are expecting over 25 performances.

A new kind of Lecture

We have two fun and relaxed lectures happening as part of our event series. This includes never before shared stories from Terauchi Sensei, Sensei Ernie and Sensei Roy in a relaxed bar style atmosphere. 

Tours for after training

We will make sure you see the best of the Nations capital. From visiting the historical and world renowned Australian war memorial, to segway rides around lakes, to hot air balloon rides and more.

The World's best event for everyone

Open to all IOGKF members

This Gasshuku is open to all IOGKF members from all over the world. Invitations will be issued to every country chief instructor and seeking their permission is all you need. 

Children's Gasshuku

Our special Children's only Gasshuku will run through the main event. Children participating will have access to the AIS combat centre and the worlds best Sensei's.

Open to all Martial Artists

Non-IOGKF Karate-ka & martial artists are welcome to join our dedicated all styles group which will include instruction from all the main event instructors of this Gasshuku.