The Best facilities in the world

The Australian Institute of Sport


Australia is a sporting Nation and as a result the Australian state & federal governments pour hundreds of millions of tax payers dollars into providing athletes with the best training facilities in the world. The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is the culmination of these funds and efforts. A huge complex featuing specialised centres, venues & more.

IOGKF Approved

All members of the IOGKF International Executive Committee have visited Canberra and the AIS to approve this event. IOGKF World Chief Instructor, Sensei Nakamura said the AIS was the best facilities he had ever trained at. To put this in perspective, Sensei has taught in over 30 different countries around the world.

Japan team prefers Australia

So good are the facilities at the Australian Institute of Sport that many other competing Olympic countries choose to train in Canberra over their own homes. One such example is the Japan Olympic Judo team, who prefer to train out of Australia at the AIS, over their own facilities in Japan. The AIS is the worlds best option for an IOGKF Gasshuku.


Combat Centre

The combat centre is a massive facility that is fully covered in martial arts mats for training. Also featured as part of the centre are several boxing rings, heavy bags and more. Private, quiet and air-conditioned the combat centre will enable our instructors to safely show you more take down's & throws than ever before.

AIS Courts

Ball sports are obviously a central component of Australia sport and recreation. To meet this demand, the AIS has numerous indoor timber, sprung floor courts ready for us to train on. The courts at the AIS can be sectioned off and will also be the arena for the IOGKF World Kata Championships.

Wrestling Centre

A part of the AIS combat centre, the wrestling centre provides one the world's largest soft matted areas for training. This centre will be utilised for some of our specialty sessions and for a component of the Children's only Gasshuku. This facility is popular with the Japanese Olympic Judo team.



You can organise to take lunch each day at one of the AIS cafeterias or visit the on site cafe. 


The AIS offers budget accommodation options on site and includes meals during your stay.


Train in the world's best combat sports facilities which are nestled among the Aussies bush.